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Il Chiodo d'Oro

About the project: Chiodo d'Oro in Italy, on 8-9th June.

The Golden Spike of Bagolino, Il Chiodo d'Oro di Bagolino

This Golden Spike was inspired by the Golden Spike was driven at the ceremony celebrating the reunion of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory on May 10, 1869.

The location is a hotel situated in the region of Lombardy, Province of Brescia. 9 artists will be exhibited or will perform in different venues at the Locanda. Regarding travel and accommodation, the location can be easily reached by plane. The nearest airport is Bergamo (from Frankfurt International airport with RyanAir, for example) and a pickup service will be organized to bring participants to the Locanda.

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Where:Hotel Locanda Bonardi, Collio, Province of Brescia, Italy

International artists presenting selected works of art and performances. International art experts and aficionados, art critics, gallery owners, journalists and photographers, museum delegates, collectors, ...

Program: Saturday morning, press conference in the presence of the organization team and the artists, followed by a reception. Saturday and Sunday, exhibitions and performances in different venues of the Locanda Bonardi.

Here are the artists.

Roberto Rambaldini - Painter (Italy) Naomi Horiike - Painter (Japan) Ruth Dragt - Photographer (Venezuela) Rade - Architect (Germany) Max Pauer - Photographer (Germany) Tiziano Ronchi - Visual Artist and Sculptor (Italy) Ileimn Ceciliano Vico - Ballerina (Mexico) Peter Jacob - Photographer (Germany) Sara Mazzotta - Critics of Art (Italy)

For further information please contact :

Edda Contrini

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